From a Family Member: When can I tour?

The answer is simple. Anytime you want. We are here for you and want to work around your schedule. We recommend the afternoon or early evening because you will get to see the quality of food we have and hopefully you will get to see some activities as well as our therapy team working with patients; however, we understand you are busy too. The best way to go about it is to set a time with our Admissions Director and that way they can spend a lot of time with you going through the process.

From a Patient: What will my insurance cover?

Each insurance plan is different, but that’s okay. Once you start talking with our Admissions Director we will be able to run your insurance benefits so we can see your eligibility and the best way to utilize your benefits. In recent years we have partnered with a lot of insurance companies so we can better service our surrounding community members.

From a hospital: If I have a patient that wants to come to you what do I do?

It’s actually very simple! Depending on which hospital you are with we typically have a liaison within your hospital to help with the transition. The liaison will work with the facility, family, patient, physician and you to make the process as easy and simple as possible. The first 72 hours of an admission are crucial so we try to communicate as much as possible with all disciplines involved. You can also call our community and ask for the Admissions Director.

From a Physician: Can I follow my patient to your facility?

Most definitely and we encourage it. As our healthcare system continues to evolve we believe it’s important to have all parties at the table and be as transparent as possible. It’s not a complicated process; in fact it’s very easy for you to follow patients.

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